The cheap Suzuki S-Cross 2017 crossover is seen in Southeast Asia, which may launch next month

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Two S-CrossS-Cross 2017s were caught in a truck on Bekasi Street in West Java state of Indonesia.


In late September, Suzuki officially unveiled an upgraded version of the S-Cross cheap crossovers line in India. To date, the paparazzi has continued to see this car in Southeast Asia, namely Indonesia.


Two Suzuki S-Cross 2017s were carried on the streets of Indonesia.

The images of the two S-Cross 2017s can be seen on the street in Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia. Both of these crossovers are covered with protective nylon and do not carry a license plate.


It is possible that two Suzuki S-Cross 2017 will be used for testing in Indonesia. According to some rumors, this cheap crossover model will be introduced in the Indonesian market in November this year.

As known, the Suzuki S-Cross 2017 owns a specific size that includes an overall length of 4,300 mm, a width of 1,785 mm, a height of 1,595 mm and a wheelbase of 2,600 mm. Added to that is the fuel tank 49 liters, luggage space 353-375 liters and weight 1,215 – 1,240 kg, depending on the equipment.

Step into the upgraded version, Suzuki S-Cross is adding new car with more impressive design style. A new grille with chrome-plated chassis, located between the redesigned LED projector headlight cluster, Below is a wider grille and a wider fog lamp for improved visibility. That is not to mention the bonnet is stronger and sporty than before.

The slope of the Suzuki S-Cross 2017 is almost unchanged from the previous, except for the 16-inch alloy wheel that comes with wider tires at 215/60 R16 dimensions. At the same time, the rear of the car comes with LED backlight bulbs that are neater and sharper than before.

Entering the interior of the car, the driver is greeted by satin chrome accents, glossy black center console, leather palm rest, soft dashboard and Smartplay entertainment system. Touch screen supports Android Auto application and Apple CarPlay.

It is not clear if the engine will be used for the Suzuki S-Cross 2017 in Indonesia. Meanwhile, in India, this crossover model uses diesel engine DDiS 200, the standard 1.3 liters. Suzuki has added mild hybrid technology to the car to help reduce fuel consumption. According to rumors, this system helps Suzuki S-Cross 2017 fuel consumption only 25.1 km / liter or 3.98 liters / 100 km.

In India, the Suzuki S-Cross 2017 has a “soft” price range, which ranges from 849,000 to 1,129,000 rupees, equivalent to 295 to 392 million dong.

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